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SelfTalk allows you to "Script Your Thoughts" by expressing and sharing your Gratitude and Affirmations; formalizing your Purpose, Goals and Questions; and discovering your "Verbal Vibrations."

Continuously referring to and reading this content will reinforce your desired thoughts and actions.

"Edit them as you evolve."

Gratitude that is shared with others has numerous benefits. With SelfTalk you can express your gratitude, share it via text or email with others and save it for Reflection. Alerts can also be set on your device at 30 or 60-minute intervals, that will remind you to pause and answer the question "What are you grateful for?"

SelfTalk 7 has an added digital Journal feature that allows your Reflections to be emailed, saved and printed.

Share your Gratitude and Affirmations with others by clicking the content field and buttons will appear on both sides. The Share Button is on the left and gold. It will create a text message using the content in the field. The default Share setting is for text messages. This can be changed by Clicking the Share Via button.

Infinite Abundance Mindset (IAM) is a mental workout that trains your brain to retain more information and strengthens your concentration, while you count money.

In addition to making your mental muscle stronger, IAM brings the power of money back into focus as you are seeing and working with images of actual U.S. Currency. Having the opportunity to sharpen your math skills while positively imagining abundant cash flow into your life makes IAM the ideal tool for a mind that craves a mental challenge and understands the importance of prosperous visualization.

Working with IAM will allow you to see both cognitive benefits (a boost in brain power) and a personal financial awareness that is energized by the Law of Attraction. What you think about and focus on will manifest into your reality. Bring money into your thoughts and into your world.

The objective of Infinite Abundance Mindset (IAM) is to count the most “money” as quickly and accurately as possible and then “deposit” that amount. The correct answer will be added to your total Assessment. An incorrect amount will be deducted. - Apple App Infinite Abundance Mindset - Apple App - Spelling Sheets

"Spelling Sheets 1.0 was developed to make it effortless for parents and teachers to create simple, effective worksheets to help students sharpen their spelling skills. This app is easy to use, and allows the creation of customized worksheets that

are turned into a PDF and can be used anywhere."


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Crocheting is a form of meditation.

Rhythmic movement created from the pull and hooking of the yarn is like breathing.

Simultaneously decreasing the size of the skein of yarn while constructing something new, is like quieting the mind so that the inner voice can be heard.

Crocheting makes the Now, productive. It transmutes idle hands into Makers’ tools.

Keeping you in stitches, keeps you mindfully present. - Textile Graphic 4 - Textile Graphic 6 - Textile Graphic 7 - Textile Graphic 5 - Textile Graphic 9 - Textile Graphic 8 - Textile Graphic 10 - Textile Graphic 11 - Textile Graphic 12 - Textile Graphic 13 - Textile Graphic 16 - Textile Graphic 14 - Textile Graphic 15 - Textile Graphic 17


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